Kendra Connally, Electronic Media Specialist

Kendra is the Electronic Media Specialist for the Boise City Dept. of Arts & History, which varies from social media posting, photographing events, and handling the newsletters. She aims to connect the lovely people of Boise to their amazingly talented artists and the city's vibrant past. 

Kendra studied Fine Art Photography in Boston where received honors for her fashion work. Featured nationally both in print and online, Kendra is a working artist with a soft spot for Idaho. Born and raised in the City of Trees, Kendra aims to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of its people and places through visual storytelling.

"I've lived and traveled all over, there truly is no place like Boise. Some of the kindest people and most beautiful mountains, there is a reason we are all drawn here. It's like no other city, it produces the right amount of creative soil to cultivate artistic growth with wide open spaces to let the mind wander in enjoyment." Currently she is working in her favorite medium, wet plate process, to create a book on Idaho. 

CONTACT KENDRA, 208-608-7042