Airport Pedestrian Bridge Public Art Proposals

The City of Boise is commissioning an artwork for the pedestrian bridge between the second floor of the parking garage and the terminal building. The public is invited to comment on proposals by three artists, who were chosen through a national public process by a selection panel of stakeholders. The panel will take public comment into account prior to making their final decision regarding which project to commission. Comments will be collected from June 24 – July 8th. You may leave your public comments here, on our blog site, or see the proposals in person at Boise Airport on the second floor.

Seth Palmiter - Airport Pedestrian Bridge ProposalSETH PALMITER (Putney, VT)
View: Proposal

Urban Rock Design -  Airport Pedestrian Bridge Proposal

View: Proposal

Phil Daniel -  Airport Pedestrian Bridge Proposal

PHIL DANIEL (Minneapolis, MN)
Reflections On Coming And Going
View: Proposal

Boise City’s public art collection of over ninety works can be found on downtown plazas and streets and in public facilities such as City Hall, Boise Airport, parks and Public Library branches. 1.4% of all eligible Boise City capital projects are set aside to invest in site-specific artwork, with all artworks chosen through a democratic selection process. Public art invigorates residential and commercial zones, developing new places of beauty and interest and adding to civic vitality.

For Questions on this and other public artworks in Boise, Idaho please contact Karen Bubb (

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One Response to Airport Pedestrian Bridge Public Art Proposals

  1. Cynthia Minet says:

    I like the one with the planes and birds by UrbanRock Design. It seems the most interesting to me.