Public Art Proposals for the Whitewater Park Blvd. Roundabout

The Veterans Park Neighborhood Association received a grant from the Mayor’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Program to commission a public artwork for the new roundabout on the new 30th Street Extension/Whitewater Park Blvd at the intersection of the boulevard, Stewart Avenue and the entrance to the recently created Esther Simplot Park (ESP). Idaho artists were invited to apply for the opportunity to design the site-specific public artwork.

A neighborhood panel chose three finalists, who have created site-specific proposals. The finalists are Ken McCall/Reham Aarti, Dirk Anderson, Sr., and Black Rock Forge (Dennis & Margo Proksa). Their proposals are on view for two weeks to receive public comment, both on this blog and at Jerry’s Market on 27th St. Afterwards the panel will reconvene, consider public comment, and choose which project to build.


Diversity'sDance by Reham Aarti & Ken McCall

Diversity’s Dance
View Proposal

Water Chute by Dirk Anderson, Sr.

Water Chute
View Proposal

Lucky Stars by Black Rock Forge, Inc.BLACK ROCK FORGE (DENNIS & MARGO PROKSA)
Lucky Stars
View Proposal

Boise City’s public art collection of over ninety works can be found on downtown plazas and streets and in public facilities such as City Hall, Boise Airport, parks and Public Library branches. 1.4% of all eligible Boise City capital projects are set aside to invest in site-specific artwork, with all artworks chosen through a democratic selection process. Public art invigorates residential and commercial zones, developing new places of beauty and interest and adding to civic vitality.

For Questions on this and other public artworks in Boise, Idaho please contact Karen Bubb (

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4 Responses to Public Art Proposals for the Whitewater Park Blvd. Roundabout

  1. Donna Wade says:

    Reham Aarti is an incredibly talented mosaic tile artist. Her collaboration with Ken is a beautiful piece that wonderfully represents diversity through a stunning visual sculpture. It’s the one!

  2. Paul Peachin says:

    I don’t see the strength of Moving water… in any of the proposals. Maybe it’s part of “walking light in your shoes” The Color of the lifted waves are Pastel… light blue Pastel… there is nothing “light Blue” about the Boise River… Where is the “Power” where are White caps in dark blue water?

    Of course I have a personal interest in the “Round-about” The Windows of my home face it!

    Sometimes Sculpture is not the right vehicle for a White Water Park – actually these sculptures show no “life” that a river shows.

    What these sculptures show is the “Weakest Link” in the surrounding parks… So far, anyway… Strength in Presentation is needed – Something modern and strong – all metal would exceed powder blue….

    • Paul Peachin says:

      PS. Most people in this neighborhood (27th St. Stewart Ave., Pleasanton Ave) do not consider it to be in the The Veterans Park Neighborhood. That designation was assigned by outsiders… gottogetyourstufftogether!

  3. Kathi Anderson says:

    My vote is for Diversity’s Dance by Ken McCall & Reham Aariti.