Tour Guidelines

Reservations are necessary for all groups.  School group reservations must be made by the individual classroom teachers and cleared by Admin/Principals at all participating schools.  Two weeks advance notice is best; however, we are flexible.  Please call to cancel any tours that cannot be met.

CONTACT Josh Olson (208) 433-5674

The Public Art Guided Tours are offered year round, weather permitting.  Tours are usually available between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Tours last anywhere from 20 to 120 minutes depending on the ages of the participants and type of tour you request.

Tours begin a Boise City Hall front steps in downtown Boise located at 150 N. Capitol Blvd., between Idaho and Main streets unless other arrangements are made.

There is a 30-person maximum for all guided tours.  No minimum amount required, however, please specify when booking a tour.  If your group is larger than 30, please call well in advance so that more than one tour guide can be available.

Groups with over ten K-12 students require two adult chaperones from the host institution. Chaperones are responsible for:

Student items such as lunches, extra clothing for bad weather and other personal belongings.
Head counts before, during and after the tour
Group street crossings and general safety
Staying on sidewalks and out of the path of moving vehicles
Student behavior management
General well being of everyone on tour e.g., water and snacks if needed

CONFIRMATION We will not necessarily contact you to confirm your scheduled rout, although a tour docent may call you to discuss specifics for your group if any special arrangements need to be made.  Please feel free to call and confirm your own scheduled times.

We will make every effort to make sure the tours are accessible to all visitors and to accommodate those with individual needs.  Please notify our staff of any special needs or concerns then scheduling a tour.

There are several nearby parks for groups to picnic as well as many restaurants and food vendors located throughout the downtown area.  Please make this a part of your schedule before hand, so that the tour guide can prepare for any changes needed to suit your group.

We do  NOT  offer transportation to and from the tour.  The Boise Urban Stages (BUS) offers free bus service to Boise public schools (K-12) for class field trips.  Teachers may contact the BUS directly at 336-10103  The service is restricted to pre-existing BUS schedules.  District busses are available to all class field trips, but must be coordinated through your individual schools.  We will not be responsible for coordination of transportation or parking facilities for school buses or private vehicles.  Parking garages are recommended for those participants in private vehicles.  Meter parking may not outlast the tour times and may result in ticketing or towing of vehicles.  We are not responsible for parking fees, tickets or towing.

This service requires considerable walking on downtown Boise and potential hazards may be heavy vehicle, pedestrian traffic or extreme weather conditions.  Please prepare yourself and your group for any uncertainties such as potential health risks associated with extended walking.  Please be sure to bring plenty or water, snacks and sun-block.  You may also need to dress in layers to prepare for variable weather conditions.  Please wear comfortable shoes.


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