Amy Fackler, Grants Manager

Amy Sievers Fackler oversees the annual Arts & History grant program, a serious point of pride in the City of Boise. With an eye toward community benefit and accessibility, quality, and strong management, Amy helps grant applicants secure public funding for cultural research and planning, exhibits, performances, live events, lectures, presentations, walking tours, artistic collaborations and more.

The Arts & History Grant program has been a resounding success, with awards totaling over $1.4 million in 23 years to cultural organizations and individuals. The results of this collective effort are all around us.”

Amy appreciates the commitment and ambition she sees every day by a wide range of thoughtful and passionate individuals striving to enrich our local culture.

Throughout her tenure at the City of Boise, Amy has contributed through various additional roles that have evolved with City and department goals. She has managed community workshops, coordinated presentations, provided training sessions for the grant program, managed memorable special events, and created a cultural resource guide. She also has a number of behind-the-scene roles, such as helping to lay the early groundwork for a city archive and editing various documents and projects. She finds herself continually inspired by the talented people with whom she’s fortunate to work with on a daily basis.

Amy Sievers Fackler holds a bachelor's degree in English and anthropology from the University of Washington and a master’s degree in museum studies from Oregon State University with emphasis on history of the American West and historic archaeology. The focus on these disciplines reflect her innate and infinite curiosity about people and the universal quest for meaning as manifested through cultural expression. 

CONTACT AMY, 208-608-7049