Annie Thiffault, Cultural Asset Program Assistant

Annie Thiffault works to manage the City of Boise’s public art assets through preventative, corrective and emergency care and conservation. Demands of the job range from monthly and annual project contract management to weekly hands-on cleaning and restorative techniques for the continually growing collections. Her daily work focuses on Boise’s collection of cultural assets located at some 60 city facilities, including the Boise Airport, Public Works Education Centers and City Parks, as well as downtown sidewalks, plazas and citizen focus areas. 

”I draw inspiration from the diversity of ideas in public art, represented by artists around the world.”

With specialized expertise and training in museum and conservation digital archive management, art conservation, evaluation/cause and effect of environmental conditions on materials, as well as her B.F.A. in Visual Arts [painting & printmaking] from Boise State University, Thiffault is a valuable resource. A member of the American Alliance of Museums and American Institute for Conservation, she appreciates the public art mentorship she has received in the department and strives to give back to the community every day.  

CONTACT ANNIE, 208-608-7043