Mark Iverson, History Program Assistant

As the History Program Assistant, Mark Iverson supports the History Division of Arts and History by planning, implementing and managing Oral History Program projects and Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant Programs.  He also assists the History Programs Manager with research requests, historical analysis and writing.  He strives to foster and maintain relationships with local historians and vendors by developing and sustaining contracts with these and other service providers. His tasks also include collecting, documenting and preserving City history through work with neighborhood associations, community organizations, local businesses and other City of Boise Departments. 

“History allows humanity to learn from generations long dead; to communicate with persons yet to be born and to leave traces of our civilization’s culture, for better or worse, to be analyzed by the historians of future ages.” 

Mark Iverson served as a volunteer with the United States Peace Corp Service in Bulgaria from 2007 to 2010.  During his time as a volunteer, he gained a keen interest in the history of the Balkans and of ethnic, racial and religious divisions in this and other areas of the world.  He developed his understanding of the practice of history and of the Balkans by researching the Bosnian War as a graduate student with the History Department at Boise State University.  As a student, Mark accepted an internship in Sarajevo, Bosnia in 2013, where he worked with a nonprofit organization studying historical and contemporary issues pertaining to refugee populations worldwide.  He holds a B.A. in History from Central Washington University and an M.A. in History from Boise State University.