Rachel Reichert, Cultural Sites Manager


Rachel Reichert curates collaborative cultural experiences that mobilize people, and build community. She oversees the Boise City Department of Arts & History’s Cultural Sites program, which establishes place-based programs within Boise’s most cherished heritage locations.

Capitalizing on the exciting James Castle House opportunity, Reichert was assigned to develop and manage the vision for the unique home site’s preservation and master plan, its exhibitions, and its Residency Program, adding a new dimension to Boise’s cultural offering and placing the city on the map for followers of Castle’s work and self-taught art enthusiasts around the world.

“A thriving cultural ecosystem fosters a more livable and lovable city. “

Reichert’s exhibition planning, live events and merchandising skills were put to good use when the City celebrated its Sesquicentennial—she was responsible for the buzz-generating Sesqui-Shop that made its home in an historic downtown storefront throughout the BOISE 150. “Witnessing a packed house and level of interest around BOISE 150 at the Sesqui-Shop for 24 solid months has by far been my most memorable experience. It proved to me that my work at the City is making a difference within this community.”

“I am hugely inspired by cities with vibrant creative communities, and I find inspiration from places that support the lives of those working in the creative sector. “

Additionally, Reichert co-founded The Atlanta School, a small art and architecture school in Atlanta, Idaho and is a visual artist primarily working in metals and sight-specific installation work.

RReichert@cityofboise.org, 208-608-7046