Resources for Boise's Cultural Community During COVID-19

Resources for Boise's Cultural Community during COVID-19

The Boise City Department of Arts & History is committed to supporting Boise’s cultural community throughout this global health crisis. To the best of our ability, we will continue performing several core functions, including administration, communications, project management, calls and opportunities, and approval processes. The following list of resources is ongoing—please check back for updates and contact us if you have something to add. Get updates on COVID-19 from the City of Boise here.

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A Few Ways to Support Our Cultural Community
Share Your Work
Share Your COVID-19 Stories & Artifacts
Attend Arts & History Grant Recipient Events Virtually
Enjoy Boise's Art & History From Home or Near Your Home
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A Few Ways to Support Our Cultural Community 

Share Your Work 

Has this time of uncertainty inspired you to create?
Share your new work with us by, direct messaging us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or by tagging #BoiseCreates.

Share Your COVID-19 Stories & Artifacts

Boise, we need your stories. 
Our everyday experiences are always important to document, but in times like those surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, this becomes even more pressing. In light of this, we have begun collecting stories and artifacts from our community to create a record of this time. Contribute to the archive.

Attend Arts & History Grant Recipient Events Virtually

Enjoy Boise’s Art and History At Home or Near Your Home 

When going outside, remember to keep a distance of 6 feet from people outside of your household.

Keep learning about the 100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage with Notes from the City Historian.
The 19th Amendment recognized the right to vote for many women—but not all. This year, we celebrate the Boise individuals who mobilized and empowered women to advocate for suffrage, and expands the conversation to include underrepresented groups. Learn more from our History Programs Manager, Brandi Burns.

Experience one of our cultural sites from a distance with At Home with the James Castle House.
Join us from the comfort of your home to explore resources, entertainment and learning opportunities for everyone. This new page will be updated regularly, sharing with you what we find so special about James Castle, his work, and his house.

Enjoy our archive of interviews with members of Boise's cultural community on the Creators, Makers, & Doers blog.
Developed in the spirit of the Boise City Department of Arts & History’s mission, the Creators, Makers, & Doers series is motivated to explore the lives and processes of the creative community and ignite conversation around all the great work happening Boise. 

Explore our Collections from the comfort of your home.
Partnerships with talented artists, historians, and hundreds of passionate citizens helped build the remarkable Collections under the curation and care of the City of Boise. It’s never been so easy to browse and search the City’s growing collection of Art, Archives, and Historic Artifacts.

Navigate our interactive map and go on a self-guided tour. 
Find public artworks, historic assets, and site-specific research with our interactive map. Focus your search on a favorite Boise landmark or neighborhood, or just take a wander. 

Take a virtual tour of Boise’s rich history with Remnants of Boise.
Explore the last 150+ years of Boise's growth and development. The tour consists of 25 locations that explore a different area of the city. Historic photographs, plats, and maps will reveal a better understanding of the evolution of each location.

Boise's 1863 Plat Walking Tour
Explore the City of Boise through the lens of early settlers. Discover boundaries of the plat, including what was lost and how the area has been transformed.
View Boise's 1863 Plat Walking Tour (PDF)

Capitol Boulevard "Did You Know" Walking Tour 
View Capitol Boulevard "Did You Know" Walking Tour (PDF)

Boise Mercantile District Walking Tour 
Boise's Mercantile Block recalls the era of hotels, theaters and merchant houses that made Boise a retail hub.
View Boise Mercantile District Walking Tour (PDF)

West End Walking Trail Guide 
A walk on the Historic West End Trail explores the neighborhoods that marked the western edge of Boise city limits until the 1950's. Just over 3 miles in length, the trail points out some of the people and properties that give the West End a rich history, as well as its architectural and cultural diversity.
View West End Walking Trail Guide (PDF)

Depot Bench Walking Tour
Learn about unique locations, architecture and historical trivia around the Depot Bench. You can access these tours from your computer or mobile device.
View Depot Bench Walking Tour (HTTP)

Information & Resources for Artists, Organizations, Museum Professionals, & Cultural Workers 

We have gathered some helpful articles and compiled a list of resources to help support Boise’s cultural community during COVID-19. This list is collaborative and ongoing, so please check back often, and send your suggestions to 

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Articles & Materials

More Resource Lists

If you are aware of other resources or information that could be added to this list, please email us at