A&H Grant Program - FAQs FY2021

A&H Grant Program - FY2021

Q: I have a question about ZoomGrants - such as finding my user name and/or password for ZoomGrants. How can I find it?

A: Follow the instructions on this link from ZoomGrants (A&H staff cannot access your account information). The link also provides answers to many common ZoomGrants questions.

Q: For the FY2021 cycle there are two rounds. Can I apply for both?

A: Yes, an applicant can apply for each round as long as the projects are different and the public access component occurs during the time frame for each round (Round 1: Projects occur between October 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021; Round 2: Projects occur between April 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021.)

Q: Do you offer translation or special needs services?

A:  Yes. The Arts & History website translates into many different languages (see the bottom right corner). Contact the grant manager if you need additional services, such as to talk about your project idea in a different language, or if you need some form of access not provided. Please allow at least 72 hours to process your request.

Q: Will you hold workshops this year?

A: Yes. For Round 1, the workshop will be on Zoom, June 4, 2020 at 12noonpm. You can attend the live version here or access the recorded version shortly thereafter. on the A&H website. Please read through the Grant Info & Criteria before attending or watching the training.  (We will assess whether to hold additional workshops for Round 2.)

Q: Is Garden City counted as City of Boise City Limits?

A: No. Unfortunately, all projects with a venue must be within Boise City Limits. This requirement is because those who live within these boundaries provide the funds for the A&H Grant Program.

Q: Why do you have to take a year off from applying if you receive a grant three years in a row (starting in the FY2020 cycle):

A: We have an ever-growing pool of applicants and want to make sure new applicants have a fair chance at receiving a grant award. If our grant funding grows significantly, we may revisit this policy.

Q: If I receive a grant award for both cycles in FY2021, does it count as two cycles toward my total of three before I have to wait a year to apply again?

A: No. The count toward your three consecutive awards is based only on the fiscal year. That is, if you were awarded a grant for the FY2020 cycle, and receive two grants for the upcoming FY2021 cycle, you could still apply next year for the FY2022 cycle and potentially receive an award. If you received grants in all 3 fiscal years (FY2020, FY2021, FY2022) then you would need to take the FY2023 cycle off and not apply again until the FY2024 cycle.

Q: Who reviews the grants?

A: The Grant Review team consists of (1) those approved through our Call for Grant Reviewers; (2) Arts & History Commission and Advisory Team members; (3) occasionally, those appointed who have expertise in a certain field. All grant reviewers are required to report and recuse themselves for review of a particular grant if they have a conflict of interest (a financial or personal relationship that could potentially bias their review).

Q: How and when will I be notified?

A: You will be notified by email from the address on your application.

Q: Can I get feedback on my application?

A: Yes. You can request a draft review from the grants manager before you submit the grant as long as it is at least a week before the grants are due. When you are notified about whether or not you received the grant, you will be provided with some overall feedback. You can request more detailed feedback by contacting the grants manager.

Q: Who do I contact for other questions about the A&H Grant Program?

A: Please contact the grants manager.