Current Grant Recipient Virtual Events & Projects

FY2021 Current Grant Recipient Virtual Events & Projects that are in part supported by the Boise City Department of Arts & History Grant Program

Boise Baroque Digital Concert Series - Purchase 3 digital concerts with the Boise Baroque Orchestra to comfort your ears and help soothe your soul.
Concert 1: Mannheim Effect Concert
Concert 2: Vivaldi’s Italy Concert
Concert 3: Hijacked Pergolesi

Boise Gay Men's & Boise Women's Choruses - Love is Love is Love virtual concert
April 10, 2021, 6:00pm-7:00pm - Postponed for a year due to Covid-19, Boise choruses invite you to join them for a virtual concert to share in community, nurture personal connections, and celebrate love with beautiful music.

Boise Philharmonic Concerts - The Boise Phil Digital Stage presents concerts you can download to your mobile phone, IPad or table, on a streaming device, a smart television that is web-enabled, or on your computer. Featuring classical music concert videos, behind-the-scenes footage, "backstage" conversations, and previous seasons' concerts.

Kevin McTeague (with members of the Boise Baroque Chamber Orchestr
Performance 1: CPE Bach A Major Cello Concerto 
Performance 2: JCF Bach Sonata in A Major
Pivot Movement - Together We Uplift  - Pivot Movement offers adaptive and inclusive dance; this video follows the group as they rehearse and put on a live performance on October 20, 2020. (8 min, 37 sec)

Story Story Night, Flagship Shows - This season's theme, "Gameshow On" features six live storytelling shows filmed on a soundstage in Boise with host Jodi Eichelberger. Story Story night provides a platform for community members to share experiences through personal narratives that help people connect "and reflect on the common threads that unite us all." Coming up:
 - Tuesday, March 30: JEOPARDY
 - Tuesday, April 27: TO TELL THE TRUTH

Camped in Silence -find on Instagram and on YouTube: This project is led by Moise Mzaliwa who arrived in the Boise area as a refugee. He has created a platform on Instagram and YouTube to post interviews that "focus on amplifying the voices of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants through real life stories." 
 - Interview with Alex Mwibey - February 21, 2021

Open Arms Dance Projectvideo with highlights from rehearsals and performances related to choreography project with dance team members 

Storyfort - Turning Pages  - This new YouTube reading series is a collaborative program with the Interfaith community of Boise, Boise Schools, and Rediscovered Books that features twelve BIPOC leaders in the Boise area who will read and discuss children's books by BIPOC authors. Each 10-minute episode will include the reader's introduction of their personal journey and how each selected book has enriched, inspired, and educated them.
 - Coach RJay Barsh reads from Kia the Queen by John Gaines - posted 02/01/2021
 - Tai Simpson reads from Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison  - posted 02/17/2021
 -  Fowzia Adan reads from The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family, by Ibtihaj Muhammad - posted 02/28/2021

Coming Soon!
Kevin McTeague - Baroque Cello Recital  
LED Film: Ruin  
Preservation Idaho: Self-Guided Walking Tours