Boise’s Response to COVID-19

Our everyday experiences are always important to document, but in times like those surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, this becomes even more pressing.

During this unprecedented time, it is important for our community to document their experiences for future generations and to provide some space for the healing that comes from self-reflection. These personal testimonies will aid in our ability to come out of this experience stronger and closer as neighbors, and they will help future generations understand this unique time.

To help facilitate this collection, the Boise City Department of Arts & History is creating a collection of Boiseans’ experiences living through COVID-19.

How To Participate 

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There are multiple ways you can participate:

Ideas to Capture Your Experience

There are no official guidelines for the length of your experience; make your recollection whatever length you need it to be. For ease in sharing files with Boise City Archive, keep audio/video files to 5 minutes or less. If you experience trouble submitting files, please contact

Topics to consider:
Contribute Physical Items

We are also collecting physical items to document the effect COVID-19 is having on our community. These items could include business signs, signs created to hang in people’s windows, handwritten notes like grocery lists and errands, and other objects.

To contribute physical objects, please contact Brandi Burns, History Programs Manager at

Submit Your Material(s)

When was your story/image/event/other documented or recorded?
Where did your story/image/event/other happen? If no street address is available, provide nearest cross streets, neighborhood, or area of the city.
I would be willing to be contacted for follow-up regarding my contribution, such as participating in an oral history.

You may upload an image (.jpg, .png, .tif), textual narrative or testimony (.docx, .txt, .pdf), audio (.wav, .mp3) or video (.mp4, .mov). You may select and upload multiple files at once.
Materials you submit must be original and created by you. You retain ownership and copyright of your digital materials. By submitting copies of your digital materials to the Boise City Department of Arts & History (A&H), you permit A&H to preserve, reproduce, and distribute your work. This permission includes the right to modify and/or reformat your material and to make your submission publicly available in all media formats and to permit others to do so as well. A&H is under no obligation to use or publish your contribution.