Neighborhood Block Party Trailer Design





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Deadline:  3 April 2019 at 3 PM Mountain Standard Time

Project Budget:  $5,000


Boise City invites artists to apply for an opportunity to design artwork for a neighborhood block party trailer.  The selected artist will be paid $5,000 to create an artwork to be fabricated into a vinyl wrap that will cover the exterior of the trailer.  The opportunity is open to artists working in all disciplines.  The artwork should serve to highlight the unique and celebrated qualities of life in the City of Boise’s neighborhoods.  The selected artist will collaborate with City staff to develop appropriate design content.

The selected artist will work with a City-hired fabricator to provide direction and oversight for the proper color proofing, installation and orientation of the artwork.  The fabricator will translate the original artwork into a digital file and print the file on vinyl and manage the fabrication and installation of the vinyl wrap.  The artist will retain the copyright to the work, however the City will maintain ownership of the vinyl.  The mural is expected to last 5 – 8 years and the City may choose to remove the vinyl and provide a new opportunity for the space in the future.


Please email, mail or hand deliver the application by April 3rd, 2019 by 3 pm to:


Department of Arts & History

150 N. Capitol Blvd.

Boise, ID 83702

Neighborhood Trailer Artwork


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