Airport Mural Public Art Proposals

The City of Boise is commissioning a mural to commemorate BOISE 150 for Boise Airport’s ticketing lobby. The public is invited to comment on proposals by three Idaho artists, who were chosen through a national public process by a selection panel of stakeholders. The panel will take public comment into account prior to making their final decision regarding which project to commission. Comments will be collected from May 6th – May 20th.


Are We There Yet?
View proposal


Along the River’s Edge
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A.) Idaho, Enduring Spirit
B.) Ascend
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Boise City’s public art collection of over ninety works can be found on downtown plazas and streets and in public facilities such as City Hall, Boise Airport, parks and Public Library branches. 1.4% of all eligible Boise City capital projects are set aside to invest in site-specific artwork, with all artworks chosen through a democratic selection process. Public art invigorates residential and commercial zones, developing new places of beauty and interest and adding to civic vitality.

For Questions on this and other public artworks in Boise, Idaho please contact Karen Bubb,

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52 Responses to Airport Mural Public Art Proposals

  1. Donna says:

    I like Anne Klahr’s the best. Lovely.

  2. Jason Munzke says:

    Suzanne Chetwood’s Ascend!

  3. Stephanie Wheeler says:

    Both pieces by Suzanne Chetwood express what Idaho means to many of us from Idaho. Originally from northern Idaho, I lived in Boise while going to school and often fly into Boise. As I am landing, I get the feeling of quiet contentment that is found along its rivers and in the surrounding hills and mountains. While I like them both, I would choose A for the richness of color…I want to walk right into this painting.

    I feel like the piece by Belinda Isley is too busy and feels more trendy than something that will stand through time.

    Anne Klahr’s work is beautiful, but feels too cold in contrast to the current atmosphere in the airport.

  4. Michael Tetrault says:

    I absolutely love the spirit and energy conveyed in Suzanne Lee Chetwood’s “Enduring Spirit” mural. It so captures the vibe of the surrounding area and the main reason I have lived here for over the past twenty years. We have been shaped by the treasure valley landscape as much as the landscape has shaped us over the past few thousand years of settlement. Definitely my choice. It would be an eye-catcher for anyone coming from far away and no doubt pique their curiosity to see more of the natural wonders of this area.

  5. Robert Bolen says:

    I think Suzanne’s work is esquisite.

  6. Robert Bolen says:

    Idaho Enduring Spirit reminds me of the mighty Snake River and Hell’s Canyon
    and all of the beauty of Idaho.
    Her artwork is gorgeous. When I see Ascend, I think of “Boise, City of Trees,”
    the Boise River and pathways through the city that were taken to build Boise.

  7. Rachel Flichel says:

    I would LOVE to see either of Suzanne Chetwoods murals up in the Boise airport. They are absolutely incredible! Thanks!!

  8. Lisa Chipman says:

    I feel the piece “Idaho, Enduring Spirit” by Suzanne Lee Chetwood truly captures what Idaho represents and should be considered for the mural. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is a beautiful depiction of our great state and it’s grace.

  9. Jill Lawley says:

    Suzanne chetwood’s work fills the atrium/ticketing area very nicely. The work is visually pleasing, and also best conveys a sense of movement, a feeling we all want to have as we wait in lines for travel! I feel her application is the strongest of the applicants, and should be selected for the airport. Thank you.

  10. Ali Landers says:

    I Vote Suzanne Lee Chetwood for the Airport Installtion.

  11. I love “Ascend” for the symbolism, soft, peaceful colors, simple and straightforward design, as well as an ethereal quality.

  12. Amity Sheikh says:

    Love the artwork of Suzanne Chetwoood. I think it would look great in the airport!

  13. Sue Paul says:

    The art work presented by Suzanne Chetwood is absolutely captivating and would be a beautiful addition to the Boise Airport building! I actually felt emotional when studying her mural because it is captures everything I love about Boise and our beautiful state. I absolutely vote for Suzanne Chetwood to be awarded the project.
    Thank you.
    Sue Paul

  14. Deb Hiatt says:

    I absolutely LOVE the pictures painted by artist Suzanne Chetwood. The entire theme and beautiful colors and detail in her paintings could only enhance the airport decor in representing our wonderful city!!

  15. Stephanie Ewers says:

    The first one (Are we there yet?) seems to express that, no, we are not there yet. There is still a perception that Idaho is “behind the times” compared to the rest of the country and I don’t believe they need anymore encouragement.

    The second one (Along the Rivers Edge), has a nice flow, but doesn’t feel like being on the edge of a river. Though it does remind me of backpacking and seeing the sun come up.

    Third one (Idaho, Enduring Spirit) does express our enduring spirit and how we rely on our land for so many purposes…agriculturally, spiritually. I like that it displays so many aspects of living in Idaho without shouting it out; much like the people of Idaho. Actions speak louder than words.

    The fourth one says we have been here a long time, left our mark (carving in tree), but have traveled softly enough that the land remains beautiful for others to see.

  16. Scott Koberg says:

    Suzanne Lee Chetwood’s piece entitled “Idaho, Enduring Spirit” would be an AMAZING addition to an already tasteful and artistic airport display. It definitely captures the local and regional Idaho vibe and incorporates some cool historic touches. As an avid foothills and river user I can certainly say that those colors are spot on! I would be proud to pick up and drop off visitors to our airport with this artwork as a great big “Welcome to Boise!”

  17. Lynn Narlesky says:

    I find both of Suzanne Chetwood’s pieces crisp, colorful and meaningful. Even in Boise I feel I am close to nature, so this artwork and the proposal behind it compel me to stop and look. I vote that you install both of them.

    The image of Anne Klahr is a close second, and I would like to see it in person sometime.

  18. Belle says:

    I think Suzanne Chetwoods paintings both represent the treasure valley and the spirt of idaho. Both pieces would look fantastic as a mural and would be a great addition to the airport for locals and especially visitors to see how beautiful idaho is.

  19. cassy lindsey says:

    I like Suzanne Chetwoods paintings. The scale and simplicity of the work looks like a great match for the airport. Looks wonderful up close and from far away. Totally captures the essence of Boise and the Treasure Valley. If I had to choose one I would choose Enduring Spirit. I don’t think you can do any better !

  20. Deja says:

    How lucky Boise is to have such talented artists. All the proposals are amazing and beautiful. If I have to choose, though, it is Idaho, Enduring Spirit by Suzanne Lee Chetwood. I love the skyline, landscape, colors, and all that it entails. It makes me want to step a little closer and see what it’s all about.

  21. Jill Clark says:

    Spectacular artwork by Anne Peterson Klahr. Just terrific!!

  22. Robert Clark says:

    I feel Anne Peterson Klahr’s proposal fits what Idaho is about and her art piece would fit into the Boise Airpot decor perfectly . Her story of being on that rivers edge and then transforming it into artwork is what a great artist does for us in the public domain . This kind of public art work is what we need to show the visiting public and Idaho native returning from that flight into the beautiful Boise Airport. Thanks to the Boise City Art Commission (Along The River’s Edge)

  23. Amy Frazier-Yoder says:

    All of the pieces are lovely and I would be happy to see any one of them in the finest museums.

    Suzanne Lee Chetwood’s piece “Idaho, Enduring Spirit” would be my selection for the airport mural because it communicates in awe-inspiring colors the landscape, visually setting a positive tone for travel and exploration, while also communicating Boise’s identity. It makes me reflect upon the people who have lived in the region.

    As an out-of-towner who recently visited the Boise Airport, I can see how the painting blends well with the architectural design already present. It would provide something new, as well, the uplifting feeling that Boise landscapes inspire.

  24. April says:

    Anne Klahr is one of Boise’s most talented artists. Not only is her work imaginative and creative, it reminds me of how much she inspired me as a teenager to be unique and to stand out. Mrs. Klahr, I love you!

  25. Lisa says:

    I love the work by Anne Peterson Klahr. The piece portrays a sense of serenity and peace that I feel every time I walk along the greenbelt. It represents our valley incredibly well and would be a beautiful addition to the airport.

  26. Anne Klahr creates depth, inspiration, and reflection in her piece Along the Rivers Edge…Anne’s work is filled with light and I can imagine standing in front of this mural and feel as if I can walk into the trees…a powerful piece!

  27. Steven K. Berg says:

    All paintings are noteworthy; however, only “Along the River’s Edge” is a true work of art – a piece that would be at home in a gallery, in my own living room or on the wall of an airport. I fly fish the Boise River often, and it’s easy to envision making my way through the birches, aspens and alders to streamside. As anxious as I am to reach the water and wet my line, I can envision lingering in the wood to refresh the soul. Here it is cool and quiet – a place for reflection and renewal. “River’s Edge” is a perfect representation of what lies ahead for the airport arriver. Boise – the City of Trees; Boise – A River Runs Through It. Anne Klahr’s work will look even better when it’s larger than life as an airport mural.
    “Are We There Yet” appears as a cut-and-paste project, nicely done, but not what I would particularly like to see in mural form in the airport.
    “Enduring Spirit” and “Ascend” are both excellent productions, but appear as commercial renderings, not serious enough for the Boise 150 Project.

  28. Natalie Nelson-Marsh says:

    While each artist brought a unique perspective to the mural, I thought Suzanne Chetwoods “Ascend” piece not only captures the spirit of idaho, but is a beautiful piece. It is striking piece in that it draws attention, yet it is simultaneously subtle in its portrayal of idaho beauty.

  29. HB says:

    While all three artists appear very talented, Anne Klahr’s mural is the one I’d most like to see in the Boise airport. A native of Boise, I now live in Austin, TX and traveling with children to visit family ‘back home’ is both exciting and exhausting! Anne’s mural is a calming visual that enables your imagination to wander a little, the sunrise invites you in and you could be standing amongst the trees almost anywhere in Boise. I think anyone visiting Boise would get the impression that Idahoans love and appreciate their beautiful state.

  30. Joanne says:

    Anne Peterson Klahr’s piece should be selected for the Boise Airport. The colors are beautiful. The piece represents the tranquil and peaceful woodlands so common in Idaho. I’ve spent may hours in Idaho sitting in places such as this enjoying the sounds, smells, and serene views.
    Anne’s piece will not go unnoticed as the colors will draw the eye away from the mono chromatic color of the ticketing area to the calming spirit of Anne’s piece. Anne Peterson Klahr’s painting of trees should be selected for the City of Trees.

  31. Gary says:

    I like Anne Peterson Klahr’s abstract painting of trees. Her work exemplifies the best of art in Idaho.

  32. Stuart Fjeldsted says:

    It is clear that not only is our City of Trees blessed with beautiful scenery but also very talented artists. All three proposals for the Airport Mural Public Art Project are amazing and deserve to be seen by the public. However, it is my feeling that the painting by Anne Peterson Klahr, Along the River’s Edge, best captures the essence of Boise, our trees, our river and clearly will place the traveler in the serenity of what we call home. Anne gets my vote

  33. Sarah says:

    I love the Anne Peterson Klahr piece. It is calming and vibrant at the same time. It truly fits the Boise river and the City of Trees. It has an artistic quality the could be seen at an airport in any art capital of the world. The other pieces are nice, but in my opinion, do not have the same level of sophistication.

  34. Patricia Fabbri Forbes says:

    Without a doubt, Anne Klahr’s proposal is extraordinary!

  35. Mike Reineck says:

    Looks like family members are gaming comments.

    If there must be only once choice, my preference is for Belinda Isley’s proposal — it represent the rural as well as urban factors in Idaho’s history.

    Anne Peterson Klahr’s work is a striking work of art even as seen in this small format.

    Would the City committee consider two medium sized peices?

  36. Liz Springer says:

    Anne Klahr’s colorful impressionistic painting is beautiful and would bring a peaceful vibe to what can be a stressful experience: airport check-in. It represents Idaho’s rivers and wilderness areas with sophistication.

  37. Larry Tierney says:

    Anne Klahr’s vision is a unique combination of early morning light, the Boise River, and the woodlands so familiar to our area. Her use of color and form has created a work of art that is calming, yet exciting, familiar, yet thought-provoking, and, most of all, welcoming. This would be a great addition to the Boise Airport and a tribute to our artistic community.

  38. Sara says:

    Klahr’s submission is wonderful and beautiful.

    I would assume this means it won’t get picked.

  39. Christine Zimowsky says:

    ANNE PETERSON KLAHR’s piece is a lovely proposal and should win.

  40. Jessamine Jones says:

    Anne Klahr! This work embodies the beauty of the Boise river, the life blood of our city.

  41. Mary says:

    I love the painting by Suzanne Lee Chetwood “Ascend ” It is uplifting and great work of art which will represent Idaho in a great light to travelers

  42. Linda A. Jareczek says:

    As a yearly visitor to Boise for the past thirty years, I feel that Ms. Klahr’s design and explanation would be the best display in the Boise airport; it incorporates both the river and Boise’s nickname “City of Trees”. Good luck to all the applicants for worthy efforts.
    Linda A. Jareczek, Burbank, IL

  43. Cherol Williams says:

    Suzanne Lee Chtwood’s artwork is beautiful and it would be my 1st choice. Suzanne is a very talented artist. I think it would be a lovely addition to the Boise Airport. Cherol Williams

  44. Camille Levi says:

    Love the 2nd mural from Suzanne Chetwood! Calm, beautiful, and would look great in the airport!

  45. Chris Peterson says:

    Yes, it is no coincidence that Anne and I share a name, nor are my comments a contrivance offered up for the purpose of stuffing the ballot box. Simply put, her rendering moves me.
    Convinced of the outcome of this popular vote, I’ve made an appointment, a date if you will, to go to the airport on August 1st to experience the sublime affect Anne’s work of art will have on my senses.

    Imagine it’s August in 1830 and you’re an explorer making three miles per hour on the back of a worn out horse; consumed by thoughts of slaking your thirst and rinsing the high desert grit from your body in the river you are now convinced flows behind that green ribbon of trees. The seduction of a cold draught of water and the embrace of leafy boughs overhead gives you gooseflesh. Life is about to get better!

  46. Mary says:

    For the ticket area: Klahr’s Along the River’s Edge. Soothing presence in what can be a chaotic area.

    For the pedestrian bridge: Isley’s Are We There Yet?

  47. Sarah says:

    Anne Peterson Klahr’s piece is amazing!

  48. Christin says:

    “Idaho, Enduring Spirit” is my first choice. I can imagine the viewer understanding the work and being drawn into it while waiting in line at ticketing. i think the composition is complimentary to the architecture of BOI.

  49. Mary Kay Horel says:

    My vote is Suzanne Chetwood for this project. Her work represents the most creative work I have seen. Her art would bring together the elements already created in our airport and give visitors and airport atmosphere to be remembered.

  50. PD says:

    All of these are good choices but considering the location, both within the main terminal and on the specific wall, my vote goes to Suzanne Lee Chetwood’s “Idaho, Enduring Spirit.” Its brilliant colors for sand, river and sky capture the unique palette that defines Boise. The land formations shout ‘Idaho!’ and this mural is chock full of beautiful smaller studies within the larger painting without detracting from the instant and overall impression of our local landscape. “Ascend” and “River’s Edge” are universal enough, and the detail of “Are We There Yet?” will be lost in this location. My vote is on “Enduring Spirit.” It’s really a winner, and I hope to see it selected for our airport.

  51. Joni says:

    While each of these proposals are lovely, I would vote for Suzanne Lee Chetwood’s “Idaho, Enduring Spirit.” It has depth as well as a nice graphic quality. It reads well from a distance and also has plenty of interest from up close. The colors read beautifully, showing Idaho’s fabulous blue sky.