Performing Arts & Cultural Community Celebration Grant

The Department of Arts & History offers the Performing Arts for Cultural & Community Celebrations (PAC³) grant program as a means to expand opportunities for performing artists in local community-building events and celebrations. Organizers of such events are encouraged to apply for funds to help pay performing artists as well as any other costs associated with incorporating them into an event (such as stage or equipment rentals).

Grant requests can be for up to $2000.

Grant allocations are based on available funding and a review panel's evaluation score of the application.

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Who Can Apply?

Those who apply for funding must be the organizers of an event or celebration who will assume all legal liability.  Applicants do not need to be a non-profit organization or have official tax-exempt status.

The following may apply for funding:

  • Individuals, non-profits, businesses and informal groups.
  • Arts, cultural, history and educational organizations (other governemental organizations will be considered on an ad hoc basis.)
  • Community organizations such as neighborhood associations, local cultural groups, or service organizations.

Although the applicant need not be from Boise, the celebration or event must be held within the Boise City Limits (see map).

Past PAC³ Grant Recipients

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants will need to meet the following eligibility requirements to be considered for funding.

General Parameters

Applicants must be requiring funds to include performing artists or representatives from cultural groups in a community-building event or celebration.  These events or celebrations must meet the following requirements:

  • Organizers must be making a sincere effort to provide a communitiy-building experience; that is, the organizers' main intent is to bring people together to celebrate our community and share in a respectful and positive manner.
  • Must take place within Boise City limits (see map).
  • Must occur between March 23, 2012 and September 30, 2012.
  • The performance component of the event or celebration must be free to the public (although a limit on number of attendees related to venue is acceptable).
  • Funding requests must be for less than 50% of total event budget.
  • Performers must be paid.  If performers are not being paid, applicant must provide a detailed explanation.

Note:  Although not a requirement, priority will be given to events featuring performers who live in Boise or surrounding area.

Legal and Liability Requirements

  • Applicants must assume full liability for their event.  If awarded funding, applicants must be willing and able to sign an agreemnt to indemnify the City against any and all liability and indicate applicant's full acceptance and assumption of responsibility for all federal, state, local, and venue legal responsibilities related to the event that apply, such as liability insurance, workers' comp insurance, and permits.
  • If awarded funds, the applicant must fill out a W-9 form (either as an individual or organization).

Other Requirements

  • Grant recipients should include the Boise City Department of Arts & History logo on all promotional materials produced after award notification date and announce the Department's support when possible at the event. Please note that the Department will also promote the event through regularly scheduled e-newsletters, periodic print advertisements, and the department website as we are able.

The following types of applicants are ineligible and will NOT be considered for funding:

  • Organizations or events with a religious or political affiliation. This includes efforts to influence elections directly or indirectly.
  • Organizations that receive in-kind support from the City of Boise such as facility rental.
  • Organizations or individuals who receive funding from other City of Boise grants during fiscal year 2012.
  • Private events.
  • Events for which high profits are the primary goal rather than community-building.  It will be up to the discretion of panel review members to make this determination


The PAC³ 2012 grant was open from January 17, 2012 through Thursday, March 1, at 3:00pm. Applicants will be notified about their final grant status no later than March 22, 2012.

View your 2012 PAC³ application


Please feel free to contact Amy Fackler for more information about this grant program.

The Department of Art & History is committed to supporting cultural endeavors in the City of Boise without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, military status, marital status, political opinion, national origin, familial status, mental and physical disability, gender identity, and source of income or disability status.

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