Download FY2019 A&H Grant Info and Criteria.

The City of Boise's Arts & History Grants fund quality arts, history, or cultural projects in both established and emerging cultural fields that benefit people living within Boise City Limits.

Strong proposals will convey the quality and merit of the proposal, the community benefit, management expertise, and a solid budget.

Ultimately, A&H’s goal for the grant program is to help make Boise the most livable city in the country through building and reinforcing a strong and equitable cultural foundation.

The A&H Grant program reflects priorities as set forth in the City of Boise Cultural Master Plan

FY2019 Grants Open: May 1, 2018
FY2019 Grants Close: June 19, 2018
FY2019 Grant Recipients Announced: Early September, 2018

Funding Amounts

The Department offers grants awards between $1,000 and $5,000. We expect to fund successful applicants for the full amount requested, although there are occasional exceptions.

General Requirements

How to Apply

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Funding Dates

The Boise City Department of Arts & History (A&H) Grant Program - Fiscal Year 2019 is for projects or initiatives that occur between October 1, 2018 and September 1, 2019.

Funding Amounts

The Department offers grants between $1,000 and $5,000. Grant recipients are usually awarded the full amount requested.  

Suggestions for Applicants


General Information

Who Can Apply

Individuals*, nonprofit organizations, other organizations, and businesses may all apply for an Arts & History grant. No more than one submission per year will be accepted for the same applicant. If two are submitted, the application with the earliest date will be considered and the other will be deemed ineligible.

*Individuals may apply, but this grant does not fund professional development or creation of individual work without a public component (that is, having the work accessible to the public). 

Basic Eligibility Standards

To be considered for funding through the A&H grant program, proposals must:

Types of Applications Accepted

We structure our grant program to provide a wide breadth of opportunities to benefit Boise citizens. Proposals that have some component that is available to the public and clearly serve Boise residents are most likely to receive funding. Within that context, we strive to fund a wide range of projects and initiatives with an arts, history, or cultural focus, such as (but not limited to) the following:

Ineligible Applications

We must award funds responsibly and in compliance with city codes and policies. We have therefore identified types of organizations and requests that are ineligible for consideration.  (Note: This list may be added to at any time as new issues are identified.)  

Grant Evaluation

Applications are evaluated based on responses to the online application and related attachments and how the following criteria are addressed.



Applicant should be able to clearly explain the proposal and how they will use the funding. Reviewers will look for evidence of skill level and expertise shown within the artistic, historic, or cultural-based medium. They will also take into consideration the merit of an inclusive, new, or untested project with potential for expanding or strengthening Boise’s cultural base. The following definitions may be helpful:

Quality –
Merit –

A&H strives to make art and history accessible to Boise citizens and give them a voice in contributing to and in developing Boise’s culture. Grant applicants should describe their target audience and whether it will include diverse socio-demographic groups (such as income level, location in the city, age, ethnicity, etc.). The following examples are meant to illustrate this concept:

In addition, a goal of the grant program is for projects and programs to ultimately bring people together to build understanding and positive relationships that contribute to a healthy and compassionate Boise community.


The applicant should demonstrate an ability to: 

Reviewers may also take into consideration:


The applicant should demonstrate:

Review Process Overview

Expectations if Your Grant is Funded

Congratulations! Please be aware that you need to complete the following to receive your funding (this information will be included with award notifications in September 2018).

For all grant-related questions or reviews, please contact:
Amy Fackler, Cultural Programs Manager
Email -
Phone - (208) 608-7049 or TDD/TTY (800) 377-3529