Oregon Trail Monuments

There are currently 21 obelisks tracing the Oregon Trail through Boise. In addition to the monuments there are numerous historic sites following the route which include the Bown House on Park Center Boulevard, The O'Farrell cabin at 5th and Fort Street, The Ezra Meeker Monument on the grounds of the Idaho State Capitol and the trail ruts preserved at the Oregon Trail Reserve on East Lake Forest Drive. The Capitol Boulevard Bridge crosses the Boise River where pioneers were ferried across in the 1860s. The 1931 bridge is dedicated to those pioneers and is known as the Oregon Trail Memorial Bridge. 

The 21 monuments - locations and themes 

  1. Capitol Boulevard & Boise Avenue: Developing Roads
  2. Protest Avenue & Boise Avenue: Farming in Boise
  3. Rossi Avenue & Boise Avenue: Black Pioneers
  4. Hale Street & Boise Avenue: Developing Roads, duplicate
  5. Howe Street & Boise Avenue: South Boise Village
  6. Euclid Avenue & Boise Avenue: Table Rock
  7. Williams Street & Boise Avenue: Fire-fighting in Boise
  8. Boise Avenue & Broadway Avenue: Ezra Meeker/Oregon Trail
  9. Boise Avenue & Broadway Avenue: Native Americans, at Garfield school
  10. Gekler Avenue & Boise  Avenue: Great Migration
  11. Boise Avenue & East Gate: Great Migration, duplicate
  12. Boise Avenue & East Gate Shopping center: Native Americans, duplicate
  13. Boise Avenue & Apple Street: Fort Boise, at Timberline school
  14. Boise Avenue & Betsy Ross: Boise River, Irrigation & Agriculture
  15. Boise Avenue & Bown Way: Families on the Trail, Homesteads & Commerce
  16. Boise Avenue & Beautiful Savior Church: Missionaries on the Trail
  17. Boise Avenue & Eckert Road: Fort Boise, duplicate 
  18. McAuley Park - Harrison Boulevard & Hays Street: Emigrant Trails to Goodales Cutoff
  19. Dewey Park - 15th Street & Hill Road: Slaughterhouse Gulch
  20. 36th Street at Catalpa & Hill Road: Geothermal in Boise
  21. Hill Road & N. Antler Drive (near Pierce Park Lane): W.E Pierce, Pierce Park & Interurban

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