Care and Conservation

Care and Conservation employees working on restoration

The City of Boise holds an impressive collection of artworks and historic assets valued at nearly $5.5 million. And every publicly owned sculpture, mural and manuscript requires protection and care. Along with civic leaders and the arts and culture community, Boise’s Cultural Asset Care and Conservation program seeks to promote a lasting legacy for this creative city infrastructure through best practices in long-term care. 

The Cultural Asset Care and Conservation program sets standards for restoration, conducts preventative care and maintenance and performs emergency repair to restore, remove or re-establish works should they become damaged.  

Through ongoing education of artist collaborators, program leaders are seeing increasingly smart designs, strategic use of materials, sound fabrication and proper installation—all of which reduce the cost and labor for future maintenance. Cultural Asset Care and Conservation staff keep all inventory insured and archived and survey the City’s collection for legal easements. We’re on the front lines protecting intellectual property and artists’ rights, including adherence to the Visual Artists’ Rights Act (VARA). 

With Boise’s growing vibrancy and an expanding collection of publicly-held cultural assets, the vision for the Cultural Asset Care and Conservation program is an exceptionally curated and professionally maintained collection of art that the City and its citizens can be proud of.  

To view data related to the program, learn more, please contact Josh Olson at 208.608.7046.

“If a single public artwork can energize a public space, then an entire well-cared-for collection can create vital public space throughout the city.” -Josh Olson, Cultural Asset Program Manager



Boise’s Public Art and Cultural Asset collections are growing! Program Staff are investigating the feasibility of a City Archives, an A & H Conservation Lab, and an equipped mobile truck for field maintenance of public artworks. To find out how you can help, please call Terri Schorzman, Director at 208-608-7048. 



Celebrate and protect our remarkable public art and cultural assets! Here’s how you can help:

Seeking business and organizations to participate in a pilot Adopt-a-Sculpture project.          

Get in touch right away if something doesn’t look right about a public artwork marked City of Boise. Call the Cultural Asset Care and Conservation Hotline: 208-608-7043.         

Take it to the streets! If you would like to be considered as a docent for future Public Art Walking Tours, please call Josh Olson at 208-608-7045.