Downtown Boise and City Hall


Penny Postcard: A Hometown Greeting | 2004, by Mark Baltes, City Hall
Great Blues | 1990, by David Berry, The Grove Plaza
Boxfall 1998, by Chris Binion, Boise Co-Op
Through the Cottonwoods One Could See the Games Being Played 1978, by Dana  Boussard
River of Trees | 1999, by Judith & Daniel Caldwell, 9th & Idaho Streets
Flow 1998, by Dwaine Carver & Chris Binion, Boise Centre on the Grove
Historical Sight: Boise Chinatownb | 2001, by Dwaine Carver, The Grove Plaza and Capitol Boulevard
Egyptian Windows | 2009, by Classic Design Studio, The Egyptian
Untitled | 2007, by Michael Cordell, 6th Street between Broad and Myrtle Streets
Community Youth Connection Wall of Fame | 1997, by Michael Corney & Local Youth, City Hall
Untitled 1998, by Guy Dill, Wells Fargo Plaza
Portal 2003, by Francis Fox, 8th & Broad Streets
Spring Reveal 2002, by Brian Goldbloom, Ada County Courthouse
Basque Block, & Laiak | 2000, by Ward Hooper, Basque Block
Co-Op Mural | 2003, by Ward Hooper and Community Youth, Boise Co-Op
Hospitality at the Nez Perce | 2006, by Doug Hyde, Capitol Boulevard & Bannock Street
1867 | also known as "The Miner", 1984, by Bernie Jestrabek-Hart, U.S. Bank by The Grove Plaza
Boise Totems | 1993, by Rod Kagan, 8th & Idaho Streets
Esther Simplot 1993, by Ann LaRose, 9th & Myrtle Streets
Keepsies | 1985, by Ann LaRose, The Grove Plaza
Basque History Mural 2000, by The Letterheads, Basque Block
Stearns Motor Car 2000, by The Letterheads, Idaho Street between 6th Street & Capitol Boulevard
Shadows | 2002, by Judith Lombardi, Jefferson Street between 9th & 8th Streets
Spring Run | 1994 reinstalled 2005, by Marilyn Lysohir, Plaza 121
Wheat Sconces & Door Handles | 2006, by Jefferson Mack, Banner Bank Building
Alley History | 1992, by Kerry Moosman, Ninth Street Alley between Bannock & Idaho Streets
Spirit of the Healing Waters | 2002, by Kerry Moosman, 10th Street Alley facing Idaho Street
George Washington Equestrian Statue | 1869, by Charles L. Ostner, Idaho State Capitol
Lincoln | 1915, by Alphonzo Pelzer, Capitol Boulevard & Bannock Street           
Kilgore Trout | 2005, by Marcus & Skyler Pierce, Alley off 6th Street between Main & Grove Streets
Stained Glass Window | 1999, by Michael Pilla, 9th & Idaho Streets
Les Bois | 1992, by Bruce Poe & Dennis Proksa, Capitol Terrage Parking Garage
Winter's Solemn Trust & Dawn's Eternal Promise 2002, by Christine Raymond, County Courthouse
Steunenberg | 1927, by Gilbert Riswold, Capitol Boulevard & Jefferson Street
Art in Transit Posters| 2007, by Jason Sievers & Ward Hooper
River Sculpture | 1999, by Alison Sky, The Grove Hotel
Shades of Grey | 2002, by Rick Thomson & Local Youth, Idaho Youth Ranch
Sidney's Niche | 1992 re-commissioned 2002, by Rick Thomson, 8th Street Escalator
Grove Street Illuminated & Boise Canal | 2003, by Amy Westover, Grove & 9th Streets
Idanha Canopies | 2003, by Nina Yankowitz & Barry Holden, The Idanha Building
Homage to the Pedestrian | 2002, by Patrick Zentz, The Grove Plaza    

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