Downtown Boise and City Hall

Idaho’s capital city comes to life with a magnetic array of public art. There’s nowhere more exciting than the City’s core, with creative works that disrupt our routines; asking us to celebrate, to remember, to poke fun at and invest personal energy into this place that we love.

Here, you will find numerous and varied pieces of beautiful work, ranging from intricate sculptures to collage murals and pops of color on traffic boxes, all with Idahoan tendencies and amazing artists who created them. As you take youself on this tour, keep your eyes open, these works are tucked naturally and effortlessly into the layout of our city center. If you blink you might miss something beautiful. Find your favorites!

This guide features 10 selected artworks in Downtown Boise.

1. Traffic Box Art Wrap, Various Artists
IMG 6836

2. Boise Visual Chronicle, Various Artists
Boisevischron Downtown

3. River Sculpture, 1999, Alison Sky 
Grove Hotel Corner of Front & Capitol Blvd.
IMG 0272

4. Alley History, 1992, Kerry Moosman 
9th St. between Bannock and Idaho St.
Alley History 1992 Kerry Moosmen 3

5. Boise Totems, 1993, Rod Kagan 
Corner of 8th and Idaho St.
Boise Totems 1993 Rod Kagan

6. Spring Run, 1994, Marilyn Lysohir
Plaza 121, 121 9th St.
Spring Run 1994 Marilyn Lysohir 4

7. Grove Street Illuminated, 2003, Amy Westover 
Grove & 9th St.
Grove Street Illuminated 2003 Amy Westover 2

8. Bike Trio, 2013, David Cole & Michael Brown 
 Linen Building, 14th & Grove St.
Bicycle Trio 2013 David Michael Cole 2

9. Spanish Village; Jesus Urquides, 2013, Dwaine Carver 
101 E. Warmsprings
Spanish Village Jesus Urquides 2013 Dwaine Carver 2

10. Penny Postcard: Hometown Greeting, 2004, Mark Baltes 
 Boise City Hall, Capitol Blvd. & Idaho St.
Penny Postcardhometown Greeting 2003 Mark Baltes 3

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