Traffic Box and Transit Shelters

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Elements of Idaho | Mary Butler, 10th between Idaho and Main
Xingyun tian bing--"Good Luck Sweet Cookie" | Melissa Chambers, Jefferson and Bannock
Check Your Baggae No. 1 & Check your Baggage No. 2 | Patrick Davis, 9th between Jefferson & State
Vibrant City | Lisa Flowers Ross, Julia Davis Park
Change is Good | Belinda Isley, 8th and Idaho Street
Owyhee at Dusk | Lauren Kistner, Bowne Crossing
Watchers Watching | Kelly Knopp, 10th Street NW corner at Bannock
The Green in Between Jerri Lisk, 10th between Main and Grove
Boxwood: Natural Traffic Control Box Ben Love, 9th and Jefferson Streets
Quack Snax | Bryan Moore, 5th and Idaho Streets
Tremendous Trees | Brian Schreiner, Overland and Vista
Traffic Jam | JanyRae Seda, Capitol Blvd and Bannock Street
Super Galactic Space Invaders Clandestine Pupils of Earth Willow Socia, Myrtle and Capitol Blvd
WHITTLIN' the Ekalaka Gang Alison R. Sweet & Joseph A. Snyder, 17th and State Streets
Cycle-Boise Through the Seasons Rachel Teannalach, 9th and Bannock Streets
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Tarmo Watia, Harrison Blvd & Hill Rd
White Dog with Earcap Leads Parade | Tarmo Watia,  8th and Idaho
Mnemosyne and Morpheus | Anna Webb, 6th and Idaho Streets
Creative Flow Center Mike Landa, 8th and Front
Aspen Reections Randall Brown, 11th and Main
Meeting of the Minds Jerms Laningham, Capitol and Front
The Pursuit of… | Babby Gayton, 10th and Main
Four Sides of Boise | Pat Kilby, 9th and Idaho
When Oil was King | Pat Kilby, 5th and Main
Where you are | Karen Woods, Capitol and Main
Traffic in the City | Bob Neal, Capitol and Idaho
Arrivals and Departures Erin Ruiz, 8th and Bannock
Electric Jelly Angi Grow, at 6th and Main
Transformation | Amy Lunstrum | Main and 9th Streets
"Where do We Come From, Why are We Here, Where are We Going" | Steve Klamm, 18th & State
The Evolutionary History of the Ice Cream Man | Steve Klamm, 18th & State Streets
Let's take a trip. Maybe I'll marry her | Grant Olsen, 14th & Main St.
Don't Make me lose my mind baby/ Sweating, all because of you | Grant Olsen, 15th & Main St.
King of the Road | Marianne Konvalinka, 10th & Idaho St.
Bringin' It Home | Sandra Shaw, 8th & Myrtle St.
Work Promotes Confidence | Tim Jones, 5th & Jefferson St.
Wind Power | Chad Carpenter, 10th & Jefferson St.
Meatvertising | Conrad Garner, 11th & Jefferson St.
Erato & Euterpe | Anna Webb, 9th & River St.
Night and Day | Cale Cathey, 14th & Idaho St.
You are so beautiful you should be guarded by monkeys | Noble Hardesty, 11th & Idaho St.
Boise Buildings, a different view | Dave Crawforth, 11th & Main St.
Coming In | Joni Frey, 11th & Main St.
Boise Urban Wildlife | Kirsten Furlong, 9th & Idaho
Couple | Mike Landa, 9th & Front St.
Couple | Mike Landa, 10th & Main St.
Tales from the Forest | Kurt Zwolfer, Hill Rd. & 36th
Hope is a Place | Meredith Hoffman, State St. & 6th
Trout Dreams | Josh Udesen, Capital, Federal Way, & Vista Intersection
Take Flight | Leslie Dixon, Cole & Ustick
Life in Flux | Matt Laurence, University Dr. & Juanita St.
North End Commuters | Julia Green, Fort St. & 9th
Kids, Stay in School and Get Good Grades | Toby Robin, Latah & Rose Hill
Jacks | Ben Wilson, 11th & Idaho St.
Building a Tribe | Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen, 13th & Idaho St.
Electric | April VanderGrift, 13th & Idaho St.
Along the River II | Anne Klahr, 13th & Main St.
Hex, eh? Gone! | James McLeod, 12th & Idaho St.
Batul's Mermaid | Reham Aarti, 12th & Idaho St.
Giants | James Lloyd, 12th & Main St.
Do Not Open | Sue Latta, 8th & Fulton St.
Quality of Life | Rick Friesen, 9th & Myrtle
Tonto's Earthen House | Larry McNeil, Broad St. & Capital Blvd.
Playing Around | Julie Clemmons, Grand St. & Ash St.


Under the Canopy | April VanDeGrift, Idaho St. Between 8th & 9th
The Buck Stops Here Melissa Chambers and William Spearman, Idaho St. Between 8th & Capitol Blvd.
Free Trade Agreement Chad Erpelding, Idaho St. Between 8th & Capitol Blvd.
Dynamic Intersections | Shantara Sandberg, Main St. Between 9th & 10th
I've Heard | April VanDeGrift, Main St. Between 8th & 9th
The Jet Set | Ben Gin, Main St. Between 8th & 9th
Residents | Jennifer Manning-Gilbreath, Main St. Between Capitol Blvd & 8th
Tabula Astrum Omnibus | William Spearman and Melissa Chambers, Main St. Between Capitol Blvd & 8th

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