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Creators, Makers, & Doers: Boise Men’s Choir

Posted on 6/6/16 by Arts & History

The Boise Men’s Chorus (BMC) received a 2016 Boise City Department of Arts & History grant for season operational and artistic support. The group produces an annual professional concert series … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Joe Golden

Posted on 5/23/16 by Arts & History

Joe Golden is an actor, comedian, and longtime fool of the Fool Squad. Storytelling, inspiring laughter, and exploring artistic freedom have provided Joe an unexpectedly prosperous career. Although now retired from … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Lynn Fraley

Posted on 4/26/16 by Arts & History

Lynn Fraley is a full-time artist, entrepreneur and a sculptor whose passion centers on a subject that has inspired and fascinated her since childhood:  horses. Her related work reaches a … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Angie Smith

Posted on 4/19/16 by Arts & History

Angie Smith speaks passionately about the importance of connecting with refugees and helping them integrate into the community. Over the past five years, she has spent extensive time meeting, interviewing, … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Christian Winn

Posted on 4/18/16 by Arts & History

Christian Winn is a writer, educator, and the founder of Storyfort. Always on the search for a great story, it is humanity and the study of the human condition that … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Marianne Konvalinka

Posted on 3/29/16 by Arts & History

Marianne Konvalinka finds sacred time in the studio that was lovingly built for her to accommodate the materials she collects and uses in her mixed media works. She utilizes the … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Benjamin Victor

Posted on 3/16/16 by Arts & History

Benjamin Victor, a nationally renowned figure sculptor, has made his home at Boise State University where he serves as a professor of practice. Aside from his role of professor, he … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Museum of Broken Relationships

Posted on 3/9/16 by Arts & History

The Department of Arts & History selected MING Studios as a grant recipient for its project to host the Museum of Broken Relationships international traveling exhibit in February 2016. This … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Donald Winiecki

Posted on 2/23/16 by Arts & History

Donald Winiecki is a professor at the College of Engineering at Boise State University, a sociologist, and a former illustrator. He has created ANA, a software program that creates digital … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: James Lloyd

Posted on 2/9/16 by Arts & History

James Lloyd, illustrator, commercial artist, and creative force behind the beloved Treefort brand and marketing vibe, is a self-proclaimed fan of the low-brow style. He integrates storytelling throughout his body … Read More


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