In the ten years since Boise City Council approved a 1.4% for art ordinance, Boise's diverse collection of permanent public art has grown to over 80 artworks valued at $3,275,000. 

The percent for art program contributes to the revitalization of neighborhoods and commercial zones, encouraging private investment in civic space by involving artists and the public in the design of public spaces. These commissioned murals, sculptures, and integrated art pieces are located on downtown streets, neighborhood parks, and in our public facilities such as Boise Airport, City Hall, Libraries, and Boise Watershed. 

The program has employed 39 local artists, 17 artists from out of state, and numerous subcontractors such as metal fabricators, sign makers, electricians, and engineers. The artworks in the collection are of many different mediums including glass, cast concrete, various metals, and painted murals. Many of the works relate to the specific sites where they are located, reflecting on the history of that place and the people who use the facility where the artwork is located. READ MORE

Visit our COLLECTIONS page for information on specific pieces.