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Creators, Makers, & Doers: Terri Schorzman

Posted on 5/30/18 by Brooke Burton

  Eleven years ago the city of Boise had a number of public artworks, limited resources for honoring city history, and room for more. Enter Terri Schorzman,  historian, art lover, and … Read More

New Zoo Boise Gorongosa Exhibit Public Art – REQUEST FOR PUBLIC COMMENT

Posted on 4/19/18 by Arts History

New Zoo Boise Gorongosa Exhibit Public Art- REQUEST FOR PUBLIC COMMENT Project Description: Friends of Zoo Boise invited three finalists to submit a design proposals to design, fabricate and coordinate the … Read More

Creators, Makers, & Doers: Migration Theory

Posted on 4/18/18 by Brooke Burton

 Migration Theory is an ensemble of creative minded people who come together for projects of movement, story, and heart. Their work culminates in a performance crafted for a small audience where they take you … Read More

Creators, Makers, & Doers: Kerry Moosman

Posted on 2/27/18 by Brooke Burton

Kerry Moosman is one of the most recognized artists in Idaho, presented with a Governor’s award in the arts in 2006. His work has been widely collected and is regularly on display at … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: James Castle House

Posted on 1/30/18 by Brooke Burton

James Castle was a self-taught artist who lived in North Boise until his death in 1977 and whose drawings and assemblages have gained international acclaim. The City of Boise purchased the … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: HomeGrown Theatre

Posted on 12/20/17 by Brooke Burton

HomeGrown Theatre is a local small production company directed by Chad Ethan Shohet and Jaime Nebeker. Together they work with a talented team of performers and production crew to write scripts, craft … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Richard Young

Posted on 12/6/17 by Brooke Burton

Richard Young is a painter and art educator that has been a consistent and notable force in the Boise art community since the late 70’s. His most recent body of paintings, … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Rachel Teannalach

Posted on 10/17/17 by Brooke Burton

Rachel Teannalach has been living and painting in Boise since 2009, developing her own extensive project called tinyExpanse, a visual journal of sorts. On a daily basis, she completes one small … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Rocci Johnson

Posted on 9/13/17 by Brooke Burton

Rocci Johnson is best known for her vibrant, fun performances at Humpin’ Hannah’s in downtown Boise that range from pop and rock & roll to vaudeville and burlesque. The Saturday night crowd … Read More

Creators, Makers, and Doers: Stephanie Inman

Posted on 8/30/17 by Brooke Burton

Stephanie Inman spends her days (and sometimes nights) working from her colorful and light filled studio in the home that she designed herself. Having traded architecture for design and public art, … Read More


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