Alaggio Laurino, Cultural Assets Project Coordinator

Alaggio Laurino (he/him) has a longstanding appreciation for art in all its many forms. Be it through fine art, music, theatre, dance, or writing, the love of storytelling is what led him to study the preservation of cultural heritage.

“I believe every expression of art throughout history is about stories; stories to uncover, to preserve, and to share. And those stories are valuable tools in understanding history.”

Alaggio double-majored and received his BA in Visual Art and Art History from Boise State University. As a student, he served over four years as the Permanent Collections Intern with the Student Union Fine Arts Program and as the Student Representative on the University Art Collections Committee. With aspirations of going into the field of art conservation, he went on to work in several internships with multiple institutions including the Yosemite National Park Museum, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, the Arizona State University Art Museum, and the SCIART research program at University of Maryland Baltimore County.

From his education and experience, he now comes with an in-depth understanding of art history, object assessment & handling, visual & written documentation, research, artwork maintenance & care, digital restoration, archival storage & housing solutions, and database catalog management. With these skills, he endeavors to ensure that Boise’s current and ever-growing collection of art and public works will be safe, cared for, and accessible for generations to come.

“It gives me a thrill to have a hands-on relationship with art where I strive to understand the materials, the artist’s intentions, and the best approaches to continue the legacies of art here in Boise.”

Alaggio is a member of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) and the Western Association for Art Conservation (WAC).

CONTACT ALAGGIO, 208-608-7043