Cultural Planning

Adopted by the Boise City Council on February 7, 2017, the City of Boise’s Cultural Master Plan – the first in Boise’s history – is an overview of existing cultural resources and strategic vision for future investments. It is a tool for current and future leaders to understand the evolution of the arts communities and the richness of Boise’s history. Ultimately, the Plan recommends where we go to develop an integrated, vibrant cultural environment.

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City of Boise Cultural Master Plan
Boise Public Works Arts Master Plan
Boise Airport Arts Master Plan

City of Boise Cultural Master Plan

The cultural plan presents five goals and measurable strategies that are necessary to fully develop Boise’s lasting, innovative, and vibrant future.

  1. Develop Cultural Policy
  2. Enhance and Preserve Neighborhood Places
  3. Maintain and Develop Cultural Assets
  4. Foster Organizations & Partnerships
  5. Expand Cultural Resources for Individuals


City of Boise Cultural Master Plan Executive Summary (PDF)
City of Boise Cultural Master Plan (PDF)
Fact Sheet (PDF)

Rings by Kirsten FurlongRings (2013) by Kirsten Furlong

Boise Public Works Arts Master Plan

Cultural planning focuses on tracking progress with the Cultural Plan and developing internal plans with other City departments to align with overall City strategies related to arts, history, and culture. On May 4, 2021, Boise City Council adopted the Public Works Arts Master Plan. As part of the City of Boise's Climate Action goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2050, the plan advocates for the integration of art into the public infrastructure of the city, and explores how art can both reveal and celebrate our diverse histories while bringing to light the land and community we share. It is a platform to discuss and engage our community in environmental issues, and a call to artists to become impactful leaders in this space.

To that end, the Boise Public Works Arts Master Plan:


Boise Public Works Arts Master Plan 2020 (PDF, single page)
Boise Public Works Arts Master Plan 2020 (PDF, double page)

Learn more about the City of Boise's Climate Action program.

The landside entrance to Boise Airport's curved architecture shines purple and blue at sunset.Boise Airport (2020), photo courtesy of Tory Taglio Photography

Boise Airport Arts Master Plan

Boise Airport’s curving architecture and place-specific public art program showcase the unique characteristics of our community, giving residents and visitors a welcoming sense of Southwest Idaho. Art integrated throughout the airport tells stories about our history, people and the surrounding environment. As the community grows, so does the partnership between the Boise Airport and the Department of Arts & History. Integrated public art has been part of Boise’s airport since the new terminal was completed in 2005 and that will continue to be so. New construction gives us opportunities to expand our horizons and bring more stories into the city’s most visited public facility, making the guest experience more beautiful and informative. This arts master plan for Boise Airport evaluates where we have been, builds on our existing art collection and presents a cohesive path forward for exhibitions of local culture and history, and for new works of public art. 


Boise Airport Arts Master Plan 2023 Executive Summary
Boise Airport Arts Master Plan 2023 (PDF, double page)