The annual report for fiscal year 2021 features "Gentle Breeze" by Matthew Mazzotta, a pink sculptural tree with three swings in the Cherie Buckner-Webb Park in downtown Boise on a sunny day.


The Boise City Department of Arts & History reached its 13th year in March 2021. Inside the pages of this annual report, you’ll read about our array of projects and initiatives in our public art, history, archives, grants, cultural sites and care and conservation programs for Boise residents in the fiscal year 2021.

Fiscal year 2021 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal year 2020 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal year 2019 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal year 2018 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal year 2017 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal year 2016 Annual Report (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal Years 2012 & 2013 Report (PDF)
Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report (PDF)

If you would like to receive a printed copy of the report, contact Jennifer Yribar at 208.608.7051.


Arts & History Department Ordinance (PDF)
Article F Percent for Art Ordinance (PDF)


Boise Airport Arts Master Plan 2023 Executive Summary
Boise Airport Arts Master Plan 2023 (PDF, double page)
Boise Public Works Arts Master Plan 2020 (PDF, double page)

Boise Public Works Arts Master Plan 2020 (PDF, single page)
City of Boise Cultural Master Plan 2017 (PDF)
VRT Main Street Station Arts Plan 2015 (PDF)

Art, Artifacts, and Archives Plan 2015 (PDF)
Public Art Division Plan (PDF)
History Division Plan (PDF)
30th St. Cultural Arts Plan, 2013 (PDF)
Linen District Cultural Concept Plan 2010 (PDF)
Water Shed Arts Plan, 2009 (PDF)
Downtown Arts & Culture Plan 2007 (PDF)


Percent for Art Ordinance (PDF)
Cultural District Plan 1998 (PDF)

Metro Arts Plan 1996 (PDF)

For a master list of all City created and led plans, including those that need to be retired or updated, please see the 2020 Blueprint Boise Comprehensive Plan Minor Update


National Arts Index 1998-2009 (PDF)
Economic Impact Report 2007 (PDF)
Economic Impact Summary 2007 (PDF)
Economic Impact Report 2002 (PDF)


Arts & History Organizational Chart