Boise City Department of Arts & History FY2020 Annual Report cover


Fiscal Year 2020 presented some incredible challenges with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that began in early 2020. Mayor Lauren McLean, inaugurated in January 2020, directed the closure of City Hall and the city’s public facilities, due to a surge in Covid-19 cases. Governor Brad Little shortly thereafter issued a Stay-at-Home order in attempt to slow the spread of the virus. City staff quickly transitioned to working from home. Staggered staffing resumed in September 2020 at the close of the fiscal year, with protective practices in place.

The pandemic tested our resolve individually and collectively. But we tackled challenges with flexibility, creativity, and commitment. Department of Arts & History staff revamped programs from how they were originally envisioned pre-COVID-19. From our proposed year-long commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to exploring the work of new artists-in-residence at the James Castle House, we quickly adapted to deliver many programs “virtually.” Staff hosted on-line presentations, virtual walking tours, ZOOM workshops, video chats, and more to reach existing and new audiences and allowed us to explore possibilities for including these approaches in future programming. We also focused on ways to both document the pandemic and to make resources available to our creative sector. For example:

In addition to the pandemic, racial unrest erupted in the summer of 2020. Arts & History staff committed to vigorously explore ways to address equity and anti-oppression in our work to better serve all residents. We continue to listen, converse, read, explore, learn, and be involved in helping lead the conversation of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the City of Boise.

Inside the pages of this annual report you’ll read about our array of projects and initiatives in our public art, history, archives, grants, cultural sites and care and conservation programs for Boise residents in the tumultuous fiscal year 2020.

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Arts & History Department Ordinance (PDF)
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Boise Public Works Arts Master Plan 2020 (PDF, double page)
Boise Public Works Arts Master Plan 2020 (PDF, single page)
City of Boise Cultural Master Plan 2017 (PDF)
VRT Main Street Station Arts Plan 2015 (PDF)

Art, Artifacts, and Archives Plan 2015 (PDF)
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30th St. Cultural Arts Plan, 2013 (PDF)
Linen District Cultural Concept Plan 2010 (PDF)
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Cultural District Plan 1998 (PDF)
Metro Arts Plan 1996 (PDF)

For a master list of all City created and led plans, including those that need to be retired or updated, please see the 2020 Blueprint Boise Comprehensive Plan Minor Update


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