In FY19, the City Archives continued to grow as we accessioned archival materials from other City of Boise departments and began processing community-based collections such as the Burns Studio Collection (accessioned in Fiscal Year 2018), an unparalleled community gift of photographs and cameras from a local photography business. After only one year of operation, the James Castle House was accepted into the Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the first member site in Idaho. With this admission, the James Castle House joined a prestigious network that includes sites such as the Georgia O’Keefe Home & Studio in Abiquiú, New Mexico. Arts & History played a crucial role in supporting efforts led by descendants of the region's original inhabitants to rename a city park and a city-administered foothills reserve in honor of their ancestors. Our other programs – History, Grants, Public Art, Care and Conservation, and general administrative operations that include communications, planning, and cultural programs (such as the Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in Arts & History) continued in full force to round out a busy and productive year and fulfilling our department mission to empower people in Boise to create, engage, and connect with the community.

Fiscal year 2019 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal year 2018 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal year 2017 Annual Report (PDF)
Fiscal year 2016 Annual Report (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report (PDF)
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Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report (PDF)

If you would like to receive a printed copy of the report, contact Jennifer Yribar at 208.608.7051.


Arts & History Department Ordinance (PDF)
Percent for Art Ordinance (PDF)


City of Boise Cultural Master Plan 2017 (PDF)
VRT Main Street Station Arts Plan 2015 (PDF)

Art, Artifacts, and Archives Plan 2015 (PDF)
Public Art Division Plan (PDF)
History Division Plan (PDF)
30th St. Cultural Arts Plan, 2013 (PDF)
Linen District Cultural Concept Plan 2010 (PDF)
Water Shed Arts Plan, 2009 (PDF)
Downtown Arts & Culture Plan 2007 (PDF)


Cultural District Plan 1998 (PDF)
Metro Arts Plan 1996 (PDF)

For a master list of all City created and led plans, including those that need to be retired or updated, please see the 2020 Blueprint Boise Comprehensive Plan Minor Update


National Arts Index 1998-2009 (PDF)
Economic Impact Report 2007 (PDF)
Economic Impact Summary 2007 (PDF)
Economic Impact Report 2002 (PDF)


Arts & History Organizational Chart