Jennifer Yribar, Outreach and Education Coordinator

Jennifer manages outreach strategies and educational services for the Boise City Dept. of Arts & History, developing and executing promotional and communication plans, materials and tools to support and measure program performance. She oversees the implementation of all print and electronic media and serves as the media contact. Jennifer also helps produce special programs and events, such as myriad public art dedications, the Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in Arts & History and the Cultural Ambassador program.  

"Culture is this thing that we can exchange among ourselves as human beings to knock aside our differences and build upon our similarities." – Chuck D

Jennifer has a decade of marketing communication and public relations experience working with government, nonprofit and corporate agencies both in the U.S. and in Europe, now dedicating a majority of her work force to public service.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Jennifer earned a Master of Arts from the University of Geneva in French Language and Literature and a Master of Arts from the University of Washington in Communication, where she taught college-level French. She is the Past Chair of the Boise Young Professionals’ Marketing & Communications Work Team, serves on the Board of Trustees of the Idaho Council for International Visitors, and is an active member of the Boise Committee on Foreign Relations.

CONTACT JENNIFER, 208-608-7051