Tenisha Eastman-Dodson, Cultural Sites Program Coordinator

As a Cultural Sites Program Coordinator, Tenisha Eastman-Dodson (she/her) works with the Department of Arts & History staff and community partners to capture and preserve the history and spirit of the City of Boise’s newest cultural site, the Erma Hayman House.

In this role, Tenisha serves as an advocate and educator of Mrs. Hayman’s story, the story of her house, and the historic River Street Neighborhood. Through event planning and community engagement, she hopes to encourage others to become versed in the life of one of Boise’s longtime residents in one of Boise's oldest neighborhoods.

Born and raised in California’s Central Valley, Tenisha earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Africana Studies from San Diego State University. Additionally, her involvement in and passion for the art of sport led her to pursue and earn a Master of Physical Education-Athletic Administration degree from Idaho State University.

Tenisha’s experience highlights her appreciation for both education and personal identity, and she hopes to utilize this to promote the Erma Hayman House in the most respectful and accurate way.

teastman@cityofboise.org, 208-608-7790