Tenisha Eastman-Dodson, Cultural Sites Program Coordinator

Tenisha (she/her) develops community partnerships, programs, and opportunities to amplify the history of the Erma Hayman House and expand the stories of Boise’s River Street Neighborhood.

The Erma Hayman House is the result of a multiyear, community-centered project to preserve the last single-family home on its block. Tenisha’s work focuses on building impactful community relationships, coordinating meaningful experiences and site-based events, and fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among residents and local stakeholders.

Tenisha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Africana Studies from San Diego State University and a Master of Physical Education-Athletic Administration degree from Idaho State University. She also takes pride in her background as a lifelong athlete. Her commitment to the art of sport has enabled her to share her talents and skills within the sports community, most notably as a contributor to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and as a participant in the Next Olympic Hopeful program.

Tenisha deeply appreciates the cultural and historical gems found in small towns, including those within her hometown of Merced, California. In addition to visiting friends and family in California, she enjoys traveling to new places (favorite destinations include Venice, Italy, and New Orleans, Louisiana), spending time with her husband and their dog, Luna, and finding new trails to hike in the Treasure Valley.

teastman@cityofboise.org, 208-608-7790