Annual Grant Program Review Process

Staff makes every effort to provide a fair and equitable review of all grant applications

  1. A&H staff convenes a review panel to review and score each application. A review panel includes members of the A&H Commission, A&H Advisory Team, and professionals or knowledgeable community members in arts and history fields. Note: All participants in the A&H grant review panel are bound by a conflict of interest policy. An actual or apparent conflict of interest relates to a fiduciary, professional, or personal relationship with an applicant that would prevent an unbiased review.
  2. The review panel reviews grants independently over a period of at least three weeks.
  3. The review panel convenes* and evaluates and scores the applications according to the criteria listed in the guidelines.
  4. A&H staff analyzes recommendations from the panel review and presents final recommendations to the Arts & History Commission.
  5. A&H staff presents final recipients to the mayor and city council members and provides at least one week for comment or questions prior to sending applicant notifications of acceptance status. 
  6. A&H staff notifies grant applicants of award status.