Staff makes every effort to provide a fair and equitable review of all grant applications

  1. A&H staff convenes a review panel to review and score each application. A review panel may include members of the A&H Commission, A&H Advisory Team, representatives of the Boise City Council, Mayor's Office staff, and professionals or knowledgeable community members in arts and history fields. Note: All participants in the A&H grant review panel are bound by a conflict of interest policy. An acutal or apparent conflict of interest relates to a fiduciary, professional, or personal relationship with an applicant that would prevent an unbiased review.
  2. The review panel reviews assigned grants independently over a period of at least three weeks.
  3. The review panel convenes* and evaluates and scores the applications according to the criteria listed in the guidelines.
  4. A&H staff analyzes recommendations from the panel review. 
  5. A&H staff presents final recommendations to and obtains approval from the A&H Commission.
  6. A&H staff notifies the mayor and city council members regarding the approved grantees, providing at least one week for comment or questions prior to sending applicant notifications of acceptance status. 
  7. A&H staff notifies grant applicants of award status.

The Department of Art & History is committed to supporting cultural endeavors in the City of Boise without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, military status, marital status, political opinion, national origin, familial status, mental and physical disability, gender identity, and source of income or disability status.

*All A&H meetings and review panels are open to the public. No testimonies or comments are permitted during review panel meetings, but you may observe the panel's deliberations. No final binding decisions are made during the review panel meetings.