Art in public places adds meaning, stories, and beauty to our public environment. Our city’s Public Art program is well loved; citizens recognize value in this investment and appreciate efforts to transform non-descript streets and vacant lots into environments that are vibrant and new. More than two-thirds of the artists commissioned live in Boise—as a result our public art authentically reflects Boise’s local character, more tightly binding us to one another and to this place.

 The City of Boise's Arts & History Grants fund quality cultural opportunities that encourage people in Boise to create, engage, and connect with the community. The Department of Arts & History has awarded nearly $1 Million in support of projects and initiatives that develop, document, research, share, or reflect upon Boise's culture and help make Boise the most livable city in the country. 

 Innovation and creative approaches are a critical component of making history alive. With this in mind, the goals of the History Division are to: preserve the place of history in Boise’s community through local advocacy and partnership with other organizations; promote Boise’s historic and cultural landmarks by encouraging education, outreach and cultural tourism; document ways to incorporate history in future city projects, programs and policies; collect the city’s history by preserving oral, written, and visual documents and material culture; and celebrate historic and cultural events, making it easy for the community to access and appreciate Boise’s heritage.

 The City of Boise holds an impressive collection of artworks and historic assets valued at nearly $5.5 million. And every publicly owned sculpture, mural and manuscript requires protection and care. Along with civic leaders and the arts and culture community, Boise’s Cultural Asset Care and Conservation program seeks to promote a lasting legacy for this creative city infrastructure through best practices in long-term care. 

 The Cultural Sites program reflects Boise’s dedication to saving, reinventing and promoting historic properties unique to our city’s history. Valuable historic buildings are saved and re-purposed, creating meaningful new opportunities for the community to collaborate and engage in physical spaces that are literally irreplaceable.