Physical Address
     150 N. Capitol Blvd.
     Boise City Hall, First Floor

Mailing Address
     PO Box 500
     Boise, Idaho  83701

PHONE  208.608.7050
FAX  208-433-5673
TTY  1-800-377-3529
HOURS M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Safety Protocols
The following safety protocols are required by all employees and visitors at Boise City Hall and at the James Castle House:


Terri Schorzman, Director
Phone  208-608-7048

Jenessa Hansen-Evans, Administration Assistant
Phone 208-608-7053

Jennifer Yribar, Outreach and Education Coordinator
Work Phone 208-608-7051

Catie Young, Administrative Programs Assistant
Work Phone 208-608-7042

Karen Bubb, Cultural Planner
Work Phone  208-608-7047

Amy Fackler, Grants Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7049

Karl LeClair, Public Art Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7044

Catina Crum, Public Art Assistant
Work Phone 208-608-7789

Josh Olson, Cultural Asset Program Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7045

Annie Thiffault, Cultural Asset Program Assistant
Work Phone  208-608-7043

Rachel Reichert, Cultural Sites Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7046

Kristen Hill, Cultural Sites Program Assistant
Work Phone  208-336-6610

Makenzi Dunstan, Cultural Sites Outreach and Education Assistant
Work Phone  208-608-7046

Ruby Stigers, Cultural Sites Assistant
Work Phone  208-336-6610

Brandi Burns, History Programs Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7041

Caitlin Hocklander, History Programs Registrar
Work Phone 208-608-7791