Notice: Effective Monday, November 23, 2020 until at least January 15, 2021, City Hall, including our offices, and the James Castle House are temporarily closed to the public. Get the latest on facility closures and other COVID-19 information. 

Physical Address
     150 N. Capitol Blvd.
     Boise City Hall, First Floor

Mailing Address
     PO Box 500
     Boise, Idaho  83701

PHONE  208.608.7050
FAX  208-433-5673
TTY  1-800-377-3529
HOURS M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Safety Protocols
While in-person visits of City Hall and the James Castle House are on hold until at least January 15, 2020, the following safety protocols will be required by all employees and visitors when we re-open:


Terri Schorzman, Director
Phone  208-608-7048

Jenessa Hansen-Evans, Administration Assistant
Phone 208-608-7053

Jennifer Yribar, Outreach and Education Coordinator
Work Phone 208-608-7051

Catie Young, Administrative Programs Assistant
Work Phone 208-608-7042

Karen Bubb, Cultural Planner
Work Phone  208-608-7047

Amy Fackler, Grants Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7049

Karl LeClair, Public Art Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7044

Catina Crum, Public Art Assistant
Work Phone 208-608-7789

Josh Olson, Cultural Asset Program Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7045

Annie Thiffault, Cultural Asset Program Assistant
Work Phone  208-608-7043

Rachel Reichert, Cultural Sites Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7046

Kristen Hill, Cultural Sites Program Assistant
Work Phone  208-336-6610

Makenzi Dunstan, Cultural Sites Outreach and Education Assistant
Work Phone  208-608-7046

Brandi Burns, History Programs Manager
Work Phone  208-608-7041

Caitlin Hocklander, History Programs Registrar
Work Phone 208-608-7791

Alan Butcher, Archivist
Work Phone 208-608-7052