E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One)

Addie Boswell
8th Street Tunnel
Geographical Area:
Culture, Land, People, Place
Artist Statement

Artist Addie Boswell is drawn to both the disciplined process of layering colors and the free spirit of recycled and street art. She has a strong practical bend that wants creativity to be useful. Boswell’s vibrant scene is useful: it acts as a beacon of light for all who pass through it. Boswell, assisted by a team of local volunteers, depicts characters radiating light in their own different ways. Weaving together are people who have stood up to injustice, overlapping with cultural symbols and imagery of pride, all coexisting within elements of Boise’s natural landscape. Boswell states, “My faith is in people. There is always extraordinariness in ordinary life, and there is always a story to tell.”

The site of Boswell’s mural was once the site of antisemitic graffiti that rocked the Boise community and left many searching for answers to the question, how do we fight hate? Boswell answered this question with a quote from the musical Rent, “The answer to war isn’t peace, it’s creation.” Boswell’s design was informed by discussion with local representatives from the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, Boise State University, Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel, and more. Boswell’s work reflects not only her artistic vision, but the input of over 50 community volunteers who came together to rise against hate. Their individual contributions are sprinkled throughout the tunnel, adding unique and personal details. The artwork invites you to spend time searching for imagery you recognize and elements you don’t. As you look, consider what it means to be Boisean? What does it mean to feel seen?

Special thanks to the countless individuals who lent a personal touch to this mural. Although only a fraction of volunteer names were captured, thank you to all, including: Ainoa, Amber, Anna, Annette, Dani, Derek, Donna, Elio, Hasina, James, Janet, Jennifer, Jodi, Jon, Jonah, Julie, Katy, Laila, Lauren, Lia, Mariana, Molly, Penelope, Razma, Sarah, Shay, Sherri, Sherry, Taelyn, Tayla, and Vernon.

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